Friday, December 29, 2006

Thanksgiving day in the USA

What is Thanksgiving!!!

Broom.. Brrrooom!!Zoooom!!
The 1996 Toyota Corolla breezed past the lonely American interstate highways - I 91! 1 30 AM in the morning. Only cars on the road appeared as if shining red dots 10 blocks away on the road. Darkness everywhere and the only other thing glittering were the roadside malls and the traffic lights! Shubh on the driving wheel. Sushovan and Dharmesh bhai on the Navigator and the Moral support group. Any idea where these IBCNRI (Indian Born Confused NRI) were moving in the middle of the night??

It was Thanksgiving day!! People thank god that there is atleast one day in the year when things comein cheap!! Thatswhy its thanksgiving!

Say this to any Indian in US and you would see him imagining BestBuy, CircuitCity, Walmart, Buy and other superstores and the long lines which start from 9 PM in the previous night and goes on till the end of the morning the other day!! It was my first time experience to dare to stand in the chilling cold in the queue!

We reached CircutCity shopping mall in the middle of the night..parked the car and were suprised to find the line already there!! I had never thought in my wildest imnaginations that the American junta over here would also be here! I had a nostalgic feeling of the BSNL office distributing SIM cards in Bhubaneswar!! Here the stuff were different, language was different, but the intent was the same - to be in the line first to grab a better piece of the cake.

When we parked the car in the already full parking lot, it started drizzling! And the drizzles grew into rain and then downpour!!Know what.. we had umbrellas!!and all the other people in the line too had! chilling rain and the wind blowing from all sides clearly told us that there is no use of carrying the umbrella. We were the last ones in the queue. And we stood still for nearly 1 hour and then turned back to see the people after us. and there were nearly 100 behind us!!

Some sitting on chairs, some knitting, some drinking, some smoking, some chatting some reading newspapers books and what not. And the que had a homogenous mixture.. Indians, Chinese, Americans, mexicans and who not!! All were there and lined up for the laptops, camcorders, digital cameras.. And yes, it is not a hoax that 800$ laptops are available for 250$!but yes, the numbers are very less. just 8-10!

So the key to a thanksgiving queue is that either you are prepared to go to the store in the evening itself and stay there till the shop opens at 5 Am in the morning or there is another group too!!People of our clan have also taken that way! they come in around 4 30 Am and then barge in the line at the front when the store just opens!! not only people like these but also others do so, so there is chaos as nowhere else. SOme thing flew from the developing country!!

Police comes in too, so watch out as cops at this place are dangerous than the crocodile in water which has your left foot already inside the mouth!! The hot list items are Camcorders, playstations, digicams, SD memory cards, external hard drives and Ipods! the list is never ending.

Thanksgiving is more than this. The day is celebrated by eating turkey! This is a bird which tastes good. But honestly speaking, I also enjoyed eating turkey... till i saw the bird live.. it appeared so disastrous to me to that i never thought of eating Turkey for life!! Now even if you kill me for that, i will never put turkey in my mouth!

Thanksgiving is gone.. Keep watching the space..

Shortly I will be back with the New year bash and the New York Trip!!


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